Online painting course

Does learning how to paint seem intimidating to you? Then this is the course for you!

  • There’s so much information out there & it overwhelms you
  • You want a guide that is patient & encouraging
  • You want to learn, but don’t know where to start
  • You want inspiration & motivation to help you to progress
  • You’re looking for community while being safe
  • You want an outlet for creativity

Experience the joy of painting with breathing room

Painting course
Painting workshops
Painting lessons

Unleash your creativity

Many of want to express ourselves, but may not know how. Art can help you to do that. We have have something unique & special to bring to this world.

Elevate your joy

Studies show creating art builds resilience in the brain and improves brain activity.

Learn new skills in community

You’re not too late or too old. Art is  a skill that can be learned! The power of community can help to keep you inspired and motivated.

Jan is an excellent teacher... very patient and encouraging. She is a talented artist and she shares her knowledge with the true spirit of aloha. I never thought I’d be able to paint something that looks good enough to display!

Aloha Vibes

A BIG highlight during my 'stay at home order' time has been on-line painting workshops with Jan (and friends, as several of my girlfriends also do this and we text back and forth and share our work)!!! She is SO joyful and energetic, even if I didn't want to paint I would enjoy her presentations! I love how clearly she directs the time and encourages us. I have a LOVELY display of 4 paintings I have done so far and ALWAYS look forward to the next opportunity. Thanks, Jan, for your talent, teaching and uplifting ways!

Majorie Haley

She makes you feel like a friend or family member and she is such a good teacher she wisely knows when to explain how to better do or fix something before it’s even asked. She has a bright shining light to her that is encouraging even without her gift of painting and teaching!

Kay Thompson

Aloha! I’m Jan Tetsutani. Nice to meet you.  Whether you have never painted, or have been painting for a while I understand how overwhelming it can be and I’m here to help!  I understand what it’s like to get stuck and feel unmotivated when you are doing this on your own. Teaching hundreds of students how to paint in-person workshops and online, I’ve seen what can help you progress easier and faster so that you can flourish as an artist. I am an artist, mentor and muralist.  It is an honor to be a part of Four Seasons Resort’s curated artist program call FSWayfinders .

Jan Tetsutani
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