I’m glad you’re here! My dream of being an artist died during my high school years. I changed my direction into management and ministry.

In 2011 God was stirring me to use my creative gift. He used Delro & Sue Rosco and a painting workshop to help me see that my dream could actually become a reality. At that time I felt that I was too old and too late. I was wrong.

Jan Tetsutani Art was birthed in 2014 part-time. In 2016 I became a full-time artist. I am part of a curated artist program at Four Seasons Resort O’ahu where I get to sell my art, host painting workshops & paint live in the lobby. Some of my clients include Timbers Resorts, Manoa Gallery, and Tanioka’s Catering.

I was born & raised on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii and I currently reside in Kapolei, Hawaii with my husband David and our dog Sunny. I look forward to helping you to flourish as an artist.

Sunshine + smiles,