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  1. How will I get access to the Private Facebook Group? You will be given access the day after enrollment closes. You will receive an email asking you to request to join the group and you will be approved to join the group.
  2. Where do I post my finished paintings? You may post your beautiful paintings in the private Facebook Group.
  3. What if I have a painting question or need help with my painting? Please post your question in the Q & A Post in the private Facebook Group. The easier way to find the post is to look under ‘Topic’s and click on ‘Q & A’ or look in the announcements. Jan will either respond in the comment or LIVE on Tuesday at noon HST, 3 pm PDT, 6 pm EDT. It is requested to post your questions here rather than asking via email as most likely someone has the same question and benefit from the answer.
  4. What if I have a technical question? Please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you.
  5. Where may I find the bonuses? The bonuses are located under ‘Resources’ on the main website page menu.
  6. What if I need to change/update my method of payment? You may make any changes via your ‘Account’ on the main webpage.
  7. Where may I find The Roadmap to Flourish as an Artist and The Roadmap Milestones? This may be found on the main website page. Click on ‘Welcome & Orientation’ and you will find it at the bottom of the  page.
  8. Where may I find the list of supplies? On the main website page, click on ‘Welcome & Orientation’ and you will find the supply list at the bottom of the page.
  9. What if I already have some of the supplies, but they are a different brand? Does the quality matter? A different brand is fine. What matters is the quality of your paint brushes and acrylic paint. Poor quality paint brushes tend to shed the paint brush hairs which can be very frustrating and also may not execute your paint well. The type of brush hair also makes a difference. A soft hair is recommended for a beginner. Hard brush bristles may not blend well as it will require a lighter stroke. You can tell when the acrylic paint is of poor quality because it has less pigments and may be watery. This may cause frustration as it will not cover well and you may need to put extra layers of paint vs having a quality paint that may only need one layer of paint.
  10. What would you recommend is the best for the size to use for the canvas? I would recommend a larger canvas like a 16 x 20 for beginners because it allows more freedom for the painter rather than having to use very small and more controlled strokes. But, I totally understand that it may not be financially feasible. I’m all about using what is in your hand. If your time is limited a smaller canvas may work to your advantage as you may finish the painting faster than a larger one. Keep in mind that with a larger canvas, you will want to start out with larger brushes to save on time.
  11. Does it matter if I use a canvas for watercolor verse for acrylics? Yes, a canvas for watercolor will definitely absorb the paint more, causing your acrylic paint to dry sooner. This means you will need to make sure you use a lot of paint to avoid the paint from drying too quickly.


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